best toilet in spore


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dat time i went to the loo at wisma. i love it. so cool! very warm n cosy... paragon wan oso power! but i tink the best at wisma. no toilet canbeat theirs. :toimonster:
Got go to the one at Equinox restaurant (tallest hotel in Singapore) toilet not? The highest toilet in Singapore that's super chio. I thought it was a VIP room or something.. gawd!
ya larh...the zoo one very stylo... the environment is SO OPEN... haha! but den i still like Raffles Hotel toilet...gosh it's nice larh... yeah the Changi Airport oso... lol....
yup taka best!!!!
the zoo wan a bit too spacy arrrr....
airport i noe got music... wah relax when do business
i still prefer my home toilet...


i want to visit this toilet in some country that's made from gold... toilet bowl, seat, sink,... everything except for some like toilet paper and those kind la..
school toilet is the worst. i have never, EVER crapped in a school toilet in my entire life. its really insecure

best? i personally like airplane toilets, esp the air suction thing when you flush.
sycododo said:
i want to visit this toilet in some country that's made from gold... ..
there's one ina this country...i forgot oredi leh... it was shown on a tv... the toilet seat was platted wit gold i guess... the tap... the sink... gosh... pratically darn EXPENSIVE larh the whole toilet :smt050
lol, omg everyone must be damn bored. we've resorted to talking abt toilets. haha i rmb when great world city came up with the funny design toilets, i was really fascinated. esp because they were the first with the auto taps.
well i went to this toilet in this CC

and the toilet can help to splash water at ur ass and help u wash up..but the cool thing is that on the left..there is a button that when u press..then it'll wash ur ass...and beside it there's another button that says "Panic Buttion" and i'm like HAHAHAHHAHA!!! i laf to myself in the bloody toilet..haha it was so cool...panic button..