Arms and legs gets tired too easily.


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I'm having this problem. It seems that during the first song of any gig I play, my arms and legs start to feel the physical pinch. I've tried simple warm ups and stretches, but nothing's worked. I need help.
I used to have the same problem too.

But really, the only is to keep practising.

Think Uma Thurman and the skill - breaking the word with fingers -- that Bai Mei taught her. :)
just really relax and let lose.. many drummers gets tired fast and shit like that cuz they hold/grip the freakin stick to darn tight that to much work and effort goes into making the sticks move then actually playing the groove or song. try surf around and see dom's video with jim teaching this mollar tech. its supposed to help
hand fatigue

u got to get a good teacher too trouble shoot ur grip home boy.
other than that the anti-vibe sticks from zildjian are really good.
hidir... im watching the overdrive 2004 video... and im suprised you can last so long man ... playing your heart out is always exhausting
Re: hand fatigue

kram said:
u got to get a good teacher too trouble shoot ur grip home boy.
other than that the anti-vibe sticks from zildjian are really good.

I totally agree with Kram.. That pair of sticks really helps. Even though its a bit costly, it really works.

After using the sticks for a period, I can't go back to my Pro Mark...

The grip is natural and U can't slip while playing. Try it and U wont regret..
i too will try these anti-vibe sticks... hoping it can improve my playing as well :D

chanmin, where to view the overdrive2004 video? got a link to share?
Chanmin : Haha, hey do send me the video. I've nothing of that event, only the tag. Haha!

Hello brudders, tanks man for the tips and esp about the anti-vibe sticks!! Have never heard of that so gotta check it out one day.

if u ask me the anti vibes dun really work much... i had a pair it lasted only like 1 month max? then the rubber stuff just dropped out from the butt end.. and its like almost 30? not worth it... ill say vic firths hertiages are better cuz they got more bounce and weight less cuz its maple wood.. i really dig them try it out..
good drummers ought to have rather good stamina and of course some workout to ensure your legs dont ache after that wee bit of rock!!

just imagine you gonna sustain double bass on your legs for a 4 minutes song, and doing it for maybe 15 minutes? that's a killer!

the ziljian antivibe sticks might be a huge minus point IF you're doing outdoor gigs or performances - be it a light or heavy hitter.

bad for light hitters coz you'll have to hit harder to get the volume you want, and that may just as well cramp or tire you up and out.
bad for heavy hitters coz you might just break the sticks, which aren't just light but empty in the lower shaft as well.

Technique. Saw this dude once in the studio played the doubles and his legs didnt seem to be moving. Skinny fella.

Other than that, learn a tip from a veteran... he said go cycling. It improves the sense of rhythm and also the muscles associated ... dont ask me thats what he says.
yea u don't have to move your legs much for double pedalling.. gonna be hell tired. good technique is the key.. probably the guy u saw was using alot of ankle work. or probably he was playing heels down. so there's little movement.