Arbiter Flats - Lite. Do they sell it in Singapore?


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Hey, I'm new to the forum. I've been thinking of getting a kit and I've seen quite a few that is quite reasonably within my budget. The problem is that I don't have much space around my apartment to put it. Then I noticed they have these arbiter flats which generally take less space and easy to store and move around.


What I want to know is:
Do they sell it in Singapore?
Can I order it from somewhere if they don't have it?
It is possible to muffle the sound since I live in an apartment?

From wad i noe...they are DAMN loud considering their size.
I do not where in Singapore it is for sale...

Muffle : You could use those sabian quiet tone coz what i've seen they are the nearest compared to normal heads..
How bout those rubber pads (yea, I know, different feel...)? Around how much are the Sabian heads? If I can muffle it with a reasonable price then it's just the size (and price) that matters more.
huh? they sounded like the real thing! i downloaded the mp3 and was blown away.. i thought the sound would be like of a hitting phonebook..

u can try sabian quiet tone.. but i think the loudness won't be unbearable to neighbours too.. another alternative is to use mesh heads.. but the trade off is that the feel is different..

oh well, that's just life of a drummer in singapore who stays in flats..(speaking for myself also.) can't buy acoustic kits.. e-kits abit too ex and waste money. haix..
(sorrie to hijack!)
there was quite a few on sale here on classifieds.
dunno if it was already sold or still for sale.
i saw a kit at yishun area. i forgot... or rather dont know the road name there.
but as i remembered it, its somewhere along the jamming studios thre.
i was in a car when i saw it displayed.
sorry if dat didnt help much
Anywhere else where I can get these drums? If anyone know the price can you tell me? On the internet it's 259 GBP, here it should be around 860. It wasn't much help Input_output but at least now I know they sell it in Singapore. Thanks.

I heard the sabian quiet tone is around S$80. Is that for the full set? How much sound does it reduce? Does tightening/slackening of the head help to reduce the sound in anyway?

Anyone else seen where they sell it? Think I'm gonna look more often in classified (the other day there were a few carlos drums for 499).
really? hey hey wat a conicidence, interesting skins u got on tht kit man. have u checked out gen hui's snare?
Crap, where were you sell it when I was looking for a kit?

Do you sell the drums individually?

Edit: checked your ad. You're not selling the complete thing right? No snare, no pedal? check your PM box.

Do you have a picture of what you're selling?
erm, can trade with my ludwig kit? :p