And So SOFT Grows ...........


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I was just surfin round the SOFT modules and noticed the link for "Statistics".

In any case, I've noticed a bit more activity in the forums in the last 1 month and thought I check out what the official stats were like.

I couldn't copy the table but from the data, these were the following points:

(1) There have been 2,393,547 page views since Sep 2002 (I guess thats SOFT's birthdate).

(2) Year-to-date, SOFT has already surpassed 2003's page views by 30%. If we do a rough annualisation to estimate 2004's performance, SOFT should be generating about 110 - 114% more page views than 2003.

(3) Busiest Month was July 2004 (211311 Hits)
Busiest Day was 20 July 2004 (15396 Hits)
Busiest Hour: 12:00 - 12:59 on July 20, 2004 (4326 Hits) ..... guess everyone had a lot of free time during Tuesday's lunchtime huh??? :lol: :lol:
wow that's good.. i guess quite abit has got to do w 44ofjuly.. hahahaha.. but i think the clock might jus be wrong.. i have always noticed the OFF timing..
Hi JMguitars

ya, those stats are really encourging. What's even better is that we have currently 3564 registered members!

SOFT is planning on it's next expansion and I really hope that it will materialise. It will be a blast man!

[hint] it is not web-base, it is not a gig but it will invlove a lot of you guys and gals plus a whole load of fun!
haa..haaa.. then we all just lay back, talk music, sip liquid while some band dish out their latest menu. wow, i wish :lol:

guitar_phreak said:
soft get together fan club.... lol