DEFILED (JPN) - Live in SIngapore, 10th Apr 2017 @ The Music Parlour

DEFILED (JPN) - Live in SIngapore, 10th Apr 2017 @ The Music Parlour

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Ancient Japan: fearless warriors known as Samurai follow a cult of death. Modern Japan: musical warriors follow the cult of Death Metal. DEFILED are back and they return with their 5th album "Towards Inevitable Ruin"!

Guitarist and remaining founding member Yusuke Sumita brings Defiled to life in union with vocalist Hideki Fujimoto, Norihisa Fukuda on bass and drummer Naoki Akamatsu as early as 1992. The Japanese obviously derive part of their inspiration from early Death Metal and the famous Florida style as pioneered by Death and Morbid Angel in particular. What makes Defiled’s sound unique are the influences coming from their surroundings. Hailing from Tokyo the band draws from the brutality and cyber tech atmosphere of this madly sprawling metropolis.

Although the Asians have only two demos and their EP Defeat of Sanity” released they quickly acquire a massive reputation for their hart hitting and devastating live shows. As a result Defiled receive an opening slot for Cannibal Corpse in their homeland in 1996 and two years later they are called to the US to tour with Incantation. Also in 1998 the band joins Morbid Angel, Testament, Vader and Arch Enemy in Japan. With these and other international tours Defiled gain a large fan base and worldwide publicity.

When their long anticipated first album “Erupted Wrath” is finally unleashed in the year 1999 it hits the scene with a big impact. Mixed by genre legend Jim Morris in Tampa, Florida the debut receives critical acclaim and leads to an invitation to the prestigious Milwaukee Metalfest, which makes Defiled the first Japanese band to have this honour. This example is followed by the New Jersey Metal Meltdown, which they play for four consecutive years and in the year 2000 the band tours Europe with Dementor. Meanwhile Yuichi Ishiguro has replaced Naoki Akamatsu on drums.

The follow up “Ugliness Revealed” (2001) is once more mixed at Morrisound Recordings and broadens the international success of Defiled. The Japanese are now aiming towards a more avant-garde sound and especially this album is known for intelligent chaos on a high quality level. More successful tours and shows around the globe are being performed by this restless group.

Yet it is their third album “Divination” mixed again by Jim Morris, which breaks new ground for Defiled. Their first release on Season of Mist sees the band touring through 19 European countries with dark Norwegian legends Mayhem to great success in 2004 among other journeys. The Japanese deliver a compact and cunning brutal Death Metal attack from the East, but due to major changes in the line-up that leave guitarist Yusuke Sumita looking for new members all activities are slowed for a while. Singer Hideki Fujimoto is replaced on the microphone by Kenji Sato, while Norihisa Fukuda hands over his bass duties to Haruhisa Takahata. The drum stool proves to be a hot seat for some years to come until Takahiro Okada joins in 2009.

Despite the changes Defiled continue to play headline tour throughout the next years. In 2007 the band hits Australia for the first time and also plays a Korean tour, which is exciting news considering that Japanese culture was officially banned in that country. An Asian tour follows in 2008 with Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Hongkong, Macau and Japan receiving a visit. In 2010 Defiled return to Korea, travel through the US and Mexico with Infinitum Obscure and embark on their second Asian tour including Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, before playing more shows in Japan.

During 2010 the Japanese also record their fourth album “In Crisis”. The Japanese are ready to enter a new dimension and for the first time work with legendary engineer Bill Metoyer, who is known for his collaboration with Slayer, Sacred Reich and Sadus among many others. Defiled were aiming for something special. “We wanted to get away from those conservative well polished crystal clear sounds”, states Yusuke. “Instead we opted for more organic vibration and sound pressure that you can find in Stoner Rock.” The artwork is provided by Wes Benscoter, whose bizarre airbrush paintings have been employed as cover artwork by Slayer, Mortician, Sinister and Black Sabbath and other Metal icons. After their creative break the samurais of Death Metal are now ready to open a new triumphant chapter with “In Crisis”.

Come 10th April 2017, they will be back to Singapore since last May 2014. Armed with their with 5th album "Toward Inevitable Ruins" ... let the slaughter commence!

On this very much anticipated Singapore show, our local metal homies will also be part of the lineup! DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!!


Band Members :
Shinichiro Hamada (Vocal, Guitar)
Yusuke Sumita (Guitar)
Hiroaki Sato (Bass)
Keisuke Hamada (Drums)

1994 - Defeat of Sanity (EP)
1999 - Erupted Wrath
2001 - Ugliness Revealed
2003 - Divination
2011 - In Crisis
2016 - Towards Inevitable Ruin

- Demonification (SG)

- Larrong (MY)

- Dispiteous (残)

Venue : The Music Parlour
Date : 10th April 2017 (Monday)
Time : 6.30pm till end
Doors open : 6.00pm

Ticketing Details :
$20 - Standard
$25 - Door (Event Day)

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