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hey, thought it would be interesting to see what kinda settings people have.

gain : 7
bass : 4
mids : 5
treble : 6
presence : 6
heres mine for my bandit.

drive 8 to 9

bass 7 to 8
mids 5
treble 6 to 7
presence 7
When I used to have a normal amp with EQ... settings were...

Gain: 8
Treble: 5
Mids: 8-9 (Or 10)
Lows: 6.5

Now, with my Microcube... well... I know I usally max the mids on whatever eq I have.

Mids are my friend. :D
amp rivera r30
channel 1(Marshall)
Gain/volume 8
Bass: 7
Mid: 6
Treble :7
Master:1/2 with boost engaged

Channel 2(fender)
Volume/gain :4
Treble :8
Middle 7
Bass: 5
Notch disengaged get blackface tone
the settings on my Peavey XXL are adjusted accordingly, depending on which guitar gets plugged in. the typical setting would be:

Gain: 9
Volume: variable setting, i'm using volume to supplement gain, it's not a 'how loud' knob per se... 8)
Bass: 6
Mids: 8
Treble: 2

i believe in boosting my mids threshold to enhance the treble range. thank you Frank Gambale, for the tip...
Chorus is the effect that simulates multiple guitars playing together.

My settings for most amps are highs at 11-1 o'clock, mids at about 3-4 o'clock and lows at about 1-3 o'clock. Gain is usually maxed out; I use the volume control on my guitar to control the amount distortion. The tone knob on my ds-1 goes around 9-11 o'clock, depending on song/mood/accidentally touch
Hmm can i ask... What is the difference for the different settings? It seems to sound the same... Sorry for such a n00by question :oops: :oops:
the differences are in that all the amp setting in this post comes from different ampifiers

Different amplifier are voice differently, having different speaker configuration(8", 10", 12" etc), different speaker brand, close back, open back and so on.

And if you did try all the setting, it is only with the amp that you using. Imho, there wont be much differences at all, except increased/decreased bass, mids, treble etc...
Tri A.C. into Kustom KGA65

Amp Setting: British
Gain: 2 - 3 o'clock
Treble: 2 o'clock
Mids: 1 o'clock
Bass: 11 o'clock

Subject to minor changes with different guitars.