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do you think its really embarassing or retarded to airguitar??

well, for me when im in public places like mrt stations and when im listening to hard rock or metal i would just bob my head and my fingers just airguitar, even though i dont know how to play the song in actual life. of course, i dont do it till the point where everybody stares at me.

at home, im freed from all kinds of uhm...complaints, except when my parents come home. they would walk into my room and see me "soloing" away to music, and i would stop to a point when they would walk into my room and say "OEI! NI FENG LIAO AH????" (oei are you mad or what??)

basically i airguitar to get the feel on how fast a speedy riff can go. i dunno, i just find it useful when i practice on a real guitar. but thats just me.

what do you guys think??
i do it with my picking hand, esp to some metallica chugga chug chugga

hey me too!! except that i use my left hand (my guitaring hand) as well.

and i pretend that im a really fast guitarist....
most guitarists are guilty of this at 1 pt or another... haha.. anyways, airguitaring is ok when u juz pretending and stuff.. if u relli wanna practice a song, do it on a real guitar dont airguitar.. juz my 2 cents 8)

I do it all the time.

In bed at 3am, on the train, bus, walking down the street, in school.

I can't play the songs either, well come of it anyway.

The other night I was drinking a fairbit of goon (see my im back thread) so i was drunk and was cranking my '82 metal up your arse 'tallica vinyl and AG'ing to seek and destroy infront of a few of my mums friends.
There was actually an air-guitar competition in the States or something, I can't remember. Anyway, I air-guitar when I'm showering or when my parents are not at the train or anywhere, I don't air-guitar...maybe only just air-chords...too embarrasing to go air-guitaring around everyone, XD
hahaha....i tot im the only person doing it..... :? 8)
if im listening to damn heavy song or to a song where the drummer is blast beating or in fast double pedal mode, i even air guitar and head banging at the same time and end up having headache or backache....muahahaha
yeah dude, everywhere. trains, buses, in the shower, in my room. before concerts my buddy and i used to crank up the band's music (the band that we were going to see that night) and air guitar and air drum in front of the mirror!

i know no shame.
I like to air guitar in front of the mirror to see how good I look!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8)
but there's reality to face when you pick up your real guitar to practice, dun get me wrong, I love my guitar and I love practicing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Darn, I was just imagining that I am Herman Li shredding away to Black Winter Night.

Sometimes when I am listening to metal mega-classics like TOS and MOP, I fantasize that it is my band's original, and that we are playing to a 80, 000 rabid, screaming fans.