Aging Youth Productions history


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A short history of Aging Youth Productions:

- Jan 2004: Started to organise gigs.

- Mar 2004: 1st gig, "Spread The Love" organised at Soul Entertainment Pub, River Valley Road. Small but warm reception.

- April 2004: Planned entire Symposium series (which was to showcase different genres of music) gig; unable to execute the series, due to "unforseen circumstances". Cancelled the entire series and stuck our collective heads in a hole in the ground.

- May - June 2004: Sitting on our arses all day and gettin' drunk at night.

- July 2004: Diversified our operations by starting a web-zine which covers music in general with a focus on Singaporean made music.

- Oct 2004: Made a lot of new friends and drinking buddies. Met James aka mr (Thanks for the beer, mate!)

- Dec 2004: 11 issues down. Slowing to a monthly format to prepare for the new year to come.

- Jan 2005: Returning to our original business model (in corporate-speak), gig organising. Details of "Spread The Love 2005" will be revealed in issue 12, 2 Jan 2005. The entire website gets a new facelift. We'd be revamping the site (yet again) for a sleeker new look and easier navigation.

- Feb - Dec 2005: Hopefully, we'd be still around, providing well-rounded entertainment for folks out there.

Our website is:

We are expanding our writing team, looking for contributors in terms of album reviews and interviews. If you have an immense passion for music (read: music sluts like us!) and loves to write, drop us an e-mail at

Thank you for your time.
Bros, if we post all the pictures we've taken of all the chicks who attended our gigs, can you pump this thread to 10 pages at least, bros?
Who's that? I dunno.

But ask Bro Rottenramone, he keeps telling me that there's loads of chicks at our gygs. I dunno. Must be some of these young bands with very HOTT nubile young girls as friends.

Which bands? Details in PM!!!

bro bro AY bro

i telling truth, bro bro. i think bro, bro, we must form ambient post lock bro bro band. and look like moodyz SODs so can S1 S1 S1 bro bro.

but at least, if we were to take back their memories, it will draw upon long spirits gone of the naga, sang nila utama and our former president benjamin sheares, and the prefect council of yusof ishak primary school. this will indirectly affect the warmoth and tonalities subletly of tone, voicing and the type of woode.

that being said, we must strive for perfection in the form of having and wearing short skirts, to have posed in maxim, posed in a brog and have FGL to post to intent that he does not have a care bear in his heart, more like a sharity elephunk with black eyes.
lets do it!

if in term of melody and scale, those might have sounded totally out of tune that most would understand, but infact the sutileness of it bring upon a thought like the the words exchanged between the father and his son on the recollection on memorizing time table from 2x2 to 10x10 back then, whcih incidentally often contained pain and grudges that will form the basic intro into all core music and importantly, the sad sad belief that with those hard hitting music, they can rulz the world and irritate the hell outta those ppl taking mrt with them where they just have to blast the mp3 player or discman so loud as if people want to hear their kind of rubbish

but still, for part 2, a 2/6 slide up the space will carry forward the love of sanrio!