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I may be playing at a friend's wedding, and we need to have a piano available at the wedding location on the day itself. Would like to seek advice on how to get about doing it.

1) Are there cheap piano rentals available in Singapore? Digital keyboards are ok, as long as the sound is good and keys are weighted. A quick search on the net reveals Renner and Piano Master that provide such service, but would like to ask if anyone knows of a cheaper alternative.

2) I have a Yamaha DGX 640 and supposing we decide to use it for the wedding, is it recommended (considering none of us have disassembled and transported pianos before) that we disassemble it, and bring it to the wedding location, and then bring it back to my place, all within the same day? My biggest concern of course is that the keyboard may be subjected to damages. Looking at the setup, there are several screws in the stand and keyboard itself is screwed onto the stand, so it's not just a simple foldable / detachable setup. Would it be better to engage a professional keyboard mover in this case?

Finally, are there other ways we can do this? We are open to suggestions, just require a piano or keyboard at the wedding place on the day itself.

Thanks a lot in advance for the advice.
Hi, I would like to be of help. Appreciate if u can call me at 82421456 - Din.
Need to know more infos.
Thnx n hv a nice day!!!

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Hi, I would like to be of help. Appreciate if u can call me at 82421456 - Din.
Need to know more infos.
Thnx n hv a nice day!!!
Your Yamaha DGX 640 is about 30kg. You can definitely bring it with 2 manpower. If you don't need the stand, simply put it on a table.

How many songs or hours will you be playing? Do you need to amplify the sound to fill the whole hall?
most rental business won't be cheap.....However, you can try your luck with some private individuals who are willing to rent to you......can check out Luther Music as well...

As for your DGX640...there is nothing technical in the assembly part...its just being mounted by a few what James suggest....just bring the DGX without the stand...but don't forget the pedal & the adaptor as for output, DGX might not have line out but u can use the headphone out for amplification...
If really need it loud, just point a microphone to the DGX 640's speakers. Hee..heee.. most wedding place will have microphones for the MC.
Where is the location of the wedding? How long will you be playing? Playing solo or with a band? Which part of the wedding are you playing for (ie reception in the reception area, processional, some special items by singers etc)?

And indeed, the DGX 640 legs can be removed. Find a table of the right height at the wedding location and use a table skirt to cover the sides. Most wedding locations will do that for you.
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