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fellow valvetronic users, how do i coax a usable clean that i can use with my sansamp gt2? i tried using the various clean amp sims and setting all eqs to 12 o clock, but it sounds worst then my mg15 =\

pardon my sucky tweaking skills
Ah well.

If you wanna use your GT2 for optimal results..
plug your guitar into something like your computer speakers and play. Guitar -> Speakers. This will give you an idea of what a flat tone is.

It might not be all your settings at 12.

Once you know how your guitar really sounds with no eq, tweak that same tone on your amp.
Perhaps i can help here, used to own 1 of the valvetronix amps. It's kinda difficult to get a decent dist from GT2 with ADVT.

I know why you're doing that, perhaps the lack of a decent high gain tone from the amp. It's got good overdriven tones, warm and all that but 1 thing it doesn't excel in is the high gain territory. I've spent quite some time tweaking and unable to get my desired crunch.

Spend more time, it may/may not be possible. Good luck!
well i was looking for a amp with great cleans. thats why i thought that by using the warm modelled cleans from ad30vt, it would work well with my gt2 if i have the need for higher gain stuff.
I dunno about the others, but i got so pissed at it for all it's cant couple with my GT2. Not that it's a must, but it's a tad unfriendly with stompboxes imo
You know, it could be your settings on the GT2? :)

Its not easy to tweak that thing despite the few knobs and switches, perhaps a week more or so, you might get it if you perservere...
another thing is that the modelled clean channels sounds really boomy and not usable with the gt2. it could be some bad settings, could anyone help me on this?

i dont know, amp modeller + amp modeller = crap? :?
ShredCow said:
You know, it could be your settings on the GT2? :)

trust me, i've tried every possible way of compromising either the amp/pedal eq......i nearly wanted to kick the advt hahahaha.

mattle: sounds muffled right? i don't understand too.....through the cube30 clean channel which i supposed is a modeller too it sounds fine. through shredcow's kustom amp also sounds fine
tried the vox valvetronix adt30/50... didn't impress me at all.

edo83 - if u say the amp doesn't take pedals well, then probably it's a pretty bad situation man. i thought the attenuation on that amp(s) severely compromised tone, and the amp models which simulated distortion did not simulate natural compression imo, which irritated me like hell.

of course, if you're used to dialling in compression, i suppose the models are -somewhat- acceptable sounds.
shredcow: thats if i open tech21 i'll give u 3 GT2 to replace your Tri A.C. :lol:

thor: spot on about the effect of tone by the attenuation, the overdrive tones was pretty nice....other than that....i just didn't clicked with it. It was 1 of the rare 12" speaker amps that couldn't replicate a tone with clarity, i dunno y....perhaps my lack of experience in this area
edo: yes! really muffled, plus the signal kinda clips off when if i put my gain beyond 1 or 2 o clock or something. sounds just like a gt2 + a pod. about the cube, i think cause the jc clean is solely a clean channel which doesnt drives as the volume gos up, unlike the ad30vt where theres no option for a clean/dirty channel. gonna try the cube, think thats what i want instead

shred: if your referring to me, how about me letting the ad30vt go.. lol

edit, are there any good 30 watts amps out there which arnt amp modeller? (besides the cube since it has a seperate clean channel)
Modelling amps are mostly built to take a guitar input.

The thing about boosters and overdrives and some distortion boxes, they push the signal above what is a usual guitar signal. In simple way you can say your guitar usually provides -5 to +5 Volts. These effects push it to -15 to +15 Volts. This is just an anology of course, it doesn't really happen like this.

Now, with a tube amp, tubes take high gain signals very nicely. The tone compresses evenly and warmly, giving people the overdriven tones they love.

With a normal solid state amp, the transistors don't like the higher gain signals too much, but they can work with them. Usually they tend to be a bit fuzzy sounding. Some designers however have been able to replicate tube like responses using transistors.

With a modelling amp, you have a big problem. Myself I do not know exactly how they process the signals. But in my opinion they like to work on a simple guitar signal and process it with their own effects and models. If you give it a strange (higher gain) signal, it gets confused and you get sounds that you may not want.

Ciel's Toadworks Death Rattle II sounds great through his tube Laney and not too bad through my SS Trace Elliot. But just the other day we played this gig and he played through this Crate modelling amp. It farted when he kicked in the distortion. Let me repeat that.

It farted.


I was laughing my ass off.
i just found out something after reading around. sansamps and other tube emulating pedals dont work well with tube amps, or in this case the VT with some tube preamp or something. doing so will cause a overly compressed sound (the muffled crap etc etc?).

ah crap