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Hey there, I'm Brian. Age 31. Working professional (not in the music industry, but definitely look forward to it if the opportunity arises). Here's a general profile of myself:

  • Role: Vocalist (Singing non-professionally for 6+ years)
  • Voice Type: Should safely be able to cover Bass to 2nd Tenor
  • Genre: Pop, Ballad, Rock, Folk
  • Favourite Artists / Groups: Damien Rice, Monsters & Men, Boyce Avenue, Shin, Emi Fujita, Eason Chen, Phil Chang, 孙伯纶
  • Looking for: Meet up with fellow music enthusiasts / musicians. To discuss what we love. To share knowledge. To make music together.

I've a rather strange affinity with music. Pardon the long autobiography. Gonna sorta breakdown the timeline:

1990s: When I was a kid, my caretaker (aunt) and my older cousins likes listening to music. The former would be listening to popular chinese musics from the early 80s - 90s (think Sally Yeh, Tsai Chin, Anita Mui). My cousins listen to more contemporary musics (eg. Xiao Hu Dui 小虎队, Phantom of The Opera OSTs, etc). It's probably these that got be exposed and interested in music, albeit not getting hands on yet.

2000s: I was very interested in writing poetry back then. During polytechnic days, students were required to choose some extracurricular classes not related to our studies. I've signed up for songwriting in a heartbeat, as I've also been experimenting with songwriting on my own. Experience in poetry writing does helps. Had good helps from the instructor and fellow coursemates in terms of handling the instruments. Otherwise, I've gotten good feedbacks about my song (still remember the lyrics and melody to date), and surprisingly, my voice as well. Was asked by some fellow classmates to help cover their songs as well. During BMT days, was appointed song IC by commanders & sectionmates (for good or for bad.. =.=). With so much time during this period, been listening widely. Bossa Nova, oldies, rock, R&B, non-english pops (French / Italian / Thai), etc.

2010s: Joined singing club during my university days and started to learn to sing (more) professionally. Joined the club's Excos briefly and made huge changes to try to pit the club against other more established universities' singing clubs. Left the club prematurely in my last year to focus on my final years. Biggest regret. Also learnt to do some simple music production works (Audacity). Also did some video editing in the sidelines.

Now: Formally enrolled to study singing with an established music producer. Have been practising singing and ktv with friends. Occasionally reading write-ups about physiology of vocal productions, watched various video tutorials on youtube to improve my own singing, watching Taiwan / China's singing competitions, joining singing competitions (and never got through...), uploading some covers on Huan Ge 欢歌 / Tian Lai K Ge 天籁K歌. Briefly joined a choir group to expose myself to different types of musics.

Looking to meet up with fellow music enthusiasts / musicians. To discuss what we love. To share knowledge. To make music together. To connect.

Music takes me on a journey. Hope it leads you on an exciting journey too. :)
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