Acoustic Guitar Hunt


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I'm thinking of getting a new acoustic guitar with plug-in.. any idea how much should i fork out? i want something decent.. with cutaway, low action and sounds beautiful.. any idea? i love taylors.. but theyre too ex for me =(
Yamaha's and Ovis seem ex =/ haha.. roughly how much should my budget be for a good highly-playble guitar with cutaway?
MadWereWolfBoy said:
maestro or harvest :lol:

i m not sure about harvest but i definitely recommend the maestro guitars. very well made. for a <300 guitar, it sounds nicer than some pricier yamaha guitars.
Acoustics are really hard to recommend because unlike electric guitars their sound can be quite unpredictable. even the same 2 models might sound worlds apart. So its best if you go try a few, learn the specs and then you'll know whether you prefer a spruce top or cedar and so on. They sound really different and may not be everyone's cup of tea.

There's really no need to waste money on cutaways and electronics if you are not performing, to be honest. if you don't solo and only play rhythm, cutaways are not necessary. and if you only plug in your guitar at home, you might want to rethink the need for electronics as they add to the cost which could have been channelled to getting a better made acoustic. pickups can always be added later if really needed,

again its what suits your needs. if you need one primarily for plugging in, the apx's do sound really nice plugged in. but acoustically they are really thin and quite horrible sounding due to the shallow body. IMHO. Buying guitars should not be an impulse no matter how badly we want one. I feel its best to take your time and try a few la. see what sounds good to you and list out what you need.

Sorry for the long post but wanted to share la. I've made one or 2 bad calls with impulse buys before and its not really a pleasant experience. :wink:
i think it depends on what you need it for la, to sum up what qwerty said. like for example im a drummer who plays around with my basic guitar knowledge and record experimental stuff. i got a super cheapo tgm semiacoustic for 80 and yeah served me well for the purposes i needed it for.
oh yah,to add to qwerty's(hey,did u get tt nick by sliding ur fingers on the com keyboard :)? ) piece regarding cutaways,i read from a book tt cutaways affect sound as well...

but taylors still sound best IMHO altho they hav cutaways...
Yea.. i intend to use it for performances and stuff.. not sticking to rhythm only but lead too.. may use to distort.. tts why plugin and cutaway is e "bonus" for me.. haha
i used to own a Seagull S-6 or S-5 with cedar top. its canadian made. (if i'm not wrong, its a subsidiary of Godin.) its fully acoustic and sounds great. i bought it for $390.00 when a friend was still working at Ranking. i tried the one with pick-ups too, and it sounds really fantastic, through an acoustic amp and mixer-to-PA (w/o DI box) at the shop. i'll recommend checking them out, but i dunno the price tho.
I 2nd the seagulls, I have a beat-up M6 and am still loving it... but I expect that their prices have gone up.
You could check out the Finas at Davis, I was there recently and heard someone playing it, sounds good to me. Don't know about the playability though.

value for money and great sound,

i strongly reccomend JnD acoustic guitars. i forgot the model, but it's the first to be out i remember. it's with plug in.

but don't use it.

get a separate pickup, can't remember the model also but it's around 90bucks.

all from luther.

i don't have them, but i auditioned the sounds. and man, for under 450, it's the best sound you can get.

2 cents
actually... distortion and acoustic guitars dont go well... the feed back will very well deafen everyone...

Honestly... you are same as me. totally in love with the taylor sound and feel but in complete disgust at the prices. I actually bought a baby taylor... fitted with a passive seymourduncan pickup... in hopes it will sound "kinda" like a taylor... played one gig with it... now i strum it in the toilet while i take a crap...

i think a good bet is a second hand timothy s10 , the jumbo...and its gonna be close to a taylor i guess... heard tonnes of good reviews on it.

yamaha guitars never "excite" me like a taylor... i think if i were you...
id just lan lan save up for a taylor.
ChanMin: ahaha e timothy s10 no cutaway =( hmm i heard there's such thing as Feedback buster.. haha sth like a rubber piece fitted over e sound hole.. is there? lol. does it work?