about my guitar wif f.rose


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i haf this ibanez guitar with f.rose but nw i am considering to remove it... I heard that it can be done but i dun intend to do it myself la.(unless i'm a fool).

So i need some suggestions as to where i can seek the pros in this area of expertise to help me... I know one steven lee at parklane there, my friend's recommendation but i would like to hear more frm u guys...
That comes with an Edge III right?

Consider blocking the trem instead. Its a cheaper alternative. Plus you retain your fine tuning capabilities.
wats edge III? n i dun understnad wat u mean by blocking the trem..
actually i wanna change because it saves me the hassle of having to tune it for very long... and if i wanna change key also easier (say.. drop d)...
Yup...by blocking the bridge saves u money....Send it to someone who can cut a piece of block and block the trem for u.
Yes...u will be able to tune it without any hassle... :D

Im using the same model as u too...RG320FA...mine came with a crappy lo-trs bridge...But the finish is nice :lol:
Lemoned, do consider getting another axe if you really want to change tunings so often. The RG321 is one.

And do a search on this forum on blocking the trem. Or google.
Agreed with Shreadcow...for god sake dont do any plastic surgery on it, sell the guitar & get a strat...problem solved.... 8)
i got my ibanea f rose blocked,you can get it done at swee lee. they did it for free for me,its basically just syuffing a block of wood inside the guitar. No worries if u ever wanna use the tremolo again just remove the block!
well i had a licensed floyd guitar before( i was a clueless newbie back then). the damn thing went out of tune like nobody's business and string changing/tuning was a nightmare. so easy way out, i blocked it :oops:
its easier when a tremsetter is installed, it pretty much fixes most floyd problems.

cons are the trem will be slightly stiffer and when it returns to the initial position, you'll feel some kinda 'bump' ( due to the springs)
mattleesc said:
what about the ibanez ZR trem?

It comes with a tremsetter... so yeah, it will help stabalise your tuning.... however, note, it HELPS, it does not garuntee 100% stability.