a new t shirt design


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hey soft,
would it be possible for you to create another t shirt for soft, but this time one with a better design. no offence or anything but i personally think that the current soft t shirt looks a bit unappealing. maybe u can have a sort of a t shirt design competition for the next soft t shirt? i would love it if that were to happen, im a design student myself. haha. well anyway its just a suggestion.
have a happy day.
wetsoil, great idea!

give me a show of hands who will be interested in this t-shirt design competition? :smt039
wait wait, afterdeath, BlackMoo and imcorn will be interested to take part in the design competition?

i want to make sure cause if i organise and then nobody take part, i :smt088
haha, yes. i will definately take part. hey i can also spread the competition to my design mates. but it might lower my chances of winning the conpetition then haha, but, anyway i'm all for it.
and i dun think u need to give out prizes coz having ppl wear what they've designed is already a great "prize".
hey soft, maybe u could at least give us a guideline as to how you want the design to be, like give us a list of things that must or is encouraged to be within the design, for 'example'
1) a fox mascot,
2) guitar bass and drums,
3) etc...
you give us ur expectation and we can all start on designing the new t-shirt design, then maybe we can send the design template to you via email or something. thats a start, then from there you can maybe pick like the top 5 design and let the softies have a poll, which design is the best, that kind of thing.