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a brief introduction, my name is (bani) haykal and as a music practitioner i identify myself primarily as someone who explore things i don't know / understand in order to experiment with them and see what else i can learn and know of them. aside from playing in bands (past and present), i work in theatre, contemporary dance and also mixed-media installation.

at the moment i'm branching out to include pedagogy as part of my practice and am excited to share things i've learnt on top of the things i'm curious to study.

how i'm formulating these classes is that we'll look into what you're interested to cover and i'll work out a plan to facilitate what you'd like to learn. i prefer to keep the sessions open, but focused enough that you'll accomplish specific goals in the process.

if you are interested in playing and learning music processes relating to the following, please be in touch!

1. 'computer' music
be it controlled or a degree of randomness, let your computer process your ideas and interests in making music. for this category of exploration, we'll cover 2 aspects of computer music, visual programming with Pure Data and coding with Sonic Pi. you'll learn basic aspects of algorithmic music but the crux of these lessons would center on creating everything from textures to samplers. you are not required to have any knowhow of coding let alone any hardware for this session. we'll be utilising your computer primarily to create everything from the sounds to the controls.

2. music making
you're someone who writes songs, or are interested to write songs. but on top of that, you're probably also thinking of what else to put into a song. on some level, this category relates to songwriting, but i'll refrain from that term because music making applies to a broader act of putting sounds together to create a piece of music. what i hope to cover with you looks into other lateral forms of piecing things together, from conceptualisation all the way to its application such as structure, chord works, harmony etc.

3. explorative music / extended technique
as a musician in a band, from song writing to coming up with parts to make a whole song come alive could have you hit a wall from time to time. maybe because you're tired of playing riffs or you're running out of ideas with your pedal board, i'd like to share another approach to adding a different depth / dimension to your contribution in making music as a band. from preparing instruments to creating a variety of ambient sounds with your instrument of choice with or without a pedal, this category of exploration is about uncovering new ways of interacting with your instrument.

all that aside, if you have in mind something you'd like to explore creatively and would like to bounce off ideas, do write in and i'll be happy to start a conversation.

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