a fruitful lesson?


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well how do you think a 1hr guitar lessons should be managed and utilised? like spending how long learning scales, spending the rest on learning a new song or smth, so i can make a comparsion. i currently have a teacher whos is like missing lessons almost every other week, wanna know if its time to change.
If a teacher is missing every other week, it IS time to change. You will be consistant with your lessons.

Personally, when I teach, I prefer introducing licks and ideas. I very seldom do exercises or even teach chords because these things are not worth the student's money: Do it at home FOC.

The key thing in a lesson is to first inspire the student. then to teach him proper technique. My reason being if a student is not inspired to learn, not keen to learn, its pointless... he will slog along slowly, wasting his cash.