Your first gig??


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Anyone care to share how was your first gig? Like where is it, how's the audience and what are the mistakes that you did??

Im sure there would be interesting... :lol:

Mine was totally screwed up man! Dummer played wrongly duing the solo part, guitar wasn't in tune ( I borrowed from some other people who had a drop D and didn't have my own guitar then ) and our song which was supposed to be slow became almost 2X faster! :lol: :lol:
I've already posted this question so do a search and you'll find it.

anyway my 1st gig was with a guitar ensemble, i was playing Imagine but lennon and at the end got confused and played the wrong chords. noone heard me coz my mic wasnt working but yeah i stuffed up.

was still fun to playu infront of people.
First gig...Supposed to have a soundcheck, but due to admin screw up by the organiser, we din have any. When we hit the first note, the bass was too loud, the accoustic guitar was inaudible, but we continue playin, and somehow pull through :lol:
first gig. cc near eunos mrt. efx processor didnt turn on when the curtains were abt to pull away. no sound. desperately trying to press here there everywhere checking the cables n whispering for help bt to no avail.
first gig with WGB was singapore street festival. we burned through our setlist, we played everything crazy fast. but it was good, cause we didn't really tell anyone about it, and we were due to play street festival again the next week, so we used the first one as practice and promoted the second one heavily. we pulled a huge crowd in for the second one and it was much better adjusted, less chaotic.
my first gig at substation livewire session...
i didnt noe y my guitar no sound
-i didnt plug in the guitar to amp- :oops:
hush-d... Aren't you underage? :lol:

I haven't gigged yet but had a few performances in school that mostly involved singing......
But of course :lol:

Though it would be weird to see some 90 year old grandpa flicking people off, shouting vulgarities and getting wasted :lol:
lol. YAH. terribly underaged. but i drank. got wasted. puked everywhere. just because i screwed up sweetchild. satch should rmb the whole scene ahaha.
dont worrry lah. as long as u had fun, who cares. but i think we all got played by the guy who got us to play....
and by the way he just smsed amanda today to inform us of his *ahem* new band's website. stupidshiet. PAID GIGS NEVER CAME. GRR.
I think my first gig was a stint behind bass for a school band at the carnival to raise funds for Barker Road. that was eons ago.

I remember we played this cheesy fanfare to welcome the guest of honour, and midway, the drummer screwed up and lost timing. Everyone present ended up staring at us. :p
that's my worst nightmare as a drummer lol. can imagine the guy's pain. I've never gigged but my friends have plenty of horror stories to share with me so now I have a healthy fear about my first gig, lol. guitarist didn't plug in amp, drummer dropped/broke sticks or went off timing, vox sang off-tune...
My first gig was about 300 years ago at the WTC amphitheater. Jittery as HELL, played with a stand-in bass player at the very last minute cos our bass payer had to book in back to camp, my family watching, dad took pictures, decked out in black playing a whole bunch of Metallica songs (except our bass player: bermuda and barefooted, but respect due, cos he had to learn all the songs we played in ONE day!!), me singing and playing guitar, ala Hetfield, crowd was cool, cheered after every song...Played really well though, no equipment problems, although my guitar sounded a bit thin (Boss Metal Zone)... Overall, a pretty good first gig, considering we were all like 18 years old and are all gig virgins. (pats self on the back)