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  • Hi there.. i'm a guitar player and i am looking for a band to join in . i play rock guitar mostly from 70's & 80's and early 90's, if you are still looking for a guitar player maybe you can give me a try, i haven't played with a straight blues band but i love to play blues as well ...
    Hello there..Im a guitarist from the Philippines. Im here in singapore right now.I would like to join your blues band if its possible.I play rock but i wouldnt mind playing blues...
    Willing to learn all the songs in your setlist.I havnt played blues for quite a while now but im good at learning songs by ear so i dont think it wpnt be a problem
    Here's my youtube channel.


    I dont have a band and i play the songs on my channel only for fun.But i would love to play in a real band. been playing guitar for 12 years on and off.
    Thanks and GodSpeed

    Rommel Castillo
    28 yrs old
    hey! dig your 18" hats! LOL! really huge! where did you get your luddy snare? I'm thinking of getting their signature black beauty brass snare.
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