yet another gibson sue

if you read the news properly, you would have realised that there is a legitimate reason for them to sue this time, but why they chose to sue is a different issue.

Im sure you got this news and the quote from the hc forums :)
yes its legitimate, but have you read about the gibson dealer policy?

they're like trying to make a "legacy" of some sort, as if they're like making the lamboghini of guitars. By weeding out the small dealers, they're like trying to make their guitars "exclusive" only to well off, selling their products via big name dealers who can afford to follow the policy (and you know they've been jacking up their prices , and their QC going way way down)

there's a whole load of story behind gibson and they way they try to monopolise the guitar market.
I'll never buy a gibson even if I have the money. Will be better off buying some cheap LP copy and install SD pickups