Yamaha P85..what's next?


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I have a Yamaha P85 for about 1.5 years, and would like to upgrade into a digital piano with better sound and weight actions.
I find P85's sound to be too soft without headphones.

Any recommendations on a budget of around $2k?
if u r not bothered about portability, try the yamaha arius series. they are not bad and within your price range. the keys have a better feel to them.

Available at luther music.
Why the arius? With your budget, a liitle luck and not fussy about used equipment, you can get a decent and good condition clavinova with GH3, 3 level sampling, amplification system. Perhaps check out the CLP240 on sale at the classified section here. Have patience to look around. BTW, if you are interested in a P120, let me know. I'm considering to sell mine. PM me if you are interested.
Hi thanks everyone.
Portability is not an issue.
Sorry but I will give P120 a pass ;p..

Went Yamaha store recently and tried the CVP 503..
I like it very much.. GH3, guiding lights, powerful speakers and powerful price ~$4.1k.. :~

Saw this ad of someone selling CVP503 1.5 yr old for $3.2k.. how much should i pull the price down for, $2k?
It is out of warranty, and i'm not sure the life span of such piano..