Yamaha MG16CXx-USB

if the copy is 100% copy of the original but the cost price is not at least 50-60% of the original, then you're better off getting the original. but even for that, there will be other original brands options to choose from that may be more cost effective.

but what do you aim to achieve with it? recording? live?
Thanks again. Perhaps, I am not getting a good bargain here in Singapore. The guy in Sim Lim quote me S$590 w/o USB. This copied set cost less then S$250. of couse add another $100 for shipping ++. Do you know of any good bargain.
I am using it for live theatre with levelier UHF wireless Mics.
icic sorry I don't know of any good bargains etc. your options maybe something Phonic Helix with the recording interface thingies or Mackie Onyx otherwise your "copy" would be a better cost efficient option.