Yamaha DTXPRESS III Series (Demo)

um yamaha DTX III special review

i've got a yamaha DTX III special.

the emulation of real cymbals is good. allows you to choke and crescendo the cymbal(there's even bell sound on the ride) but the sound module is rather mediocre and the sensitivity of the pads aren't really that improved. you hit demisemis and that's it. you hear splattered semis.
hi turbo...

How would you compare your electronic set with an aucostic one? Currently having a yamaha set but considering of changing it to a DtXpress III special... looks cool, how much did you get those?
heya, i've replied to you pm.

acoustic and Edrums are water and sky; poles apart.

dynamics are lost in Edrums, that's the main thing.
it takes a good player to make an acoustic sound good. but even a mediocre player can sound good on an Edrum.
oh alrite, thanks point taken, i'm just wondering to trade in my acostic for a edrum, very interested... :D thanks for your help turbo
depends on what you want.

wana learn drums and some coordination, have hellish neighbours and a deeper pocket - go for the Edrums.

wana wield drumming as a skill, polished and kickass, have angelic neighbours and even more godlike parents, a 72 storey pocket and lots of patience - go for the acoustic one.
Well said, turbochicken. If you don't have the luxury of practicing on an acoustic drumkit, and you have the cash for it, just get an electronic drumkit. One thing I can safely say is that, you don't get your value for money for an electronic drumkit. With the kind of money you spend on one, you can get a mid-high range full fledge acoustic drumkit.