xmas - the time of the year!


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u know christmas is coming i'm so excited! every year i look forward to christmas to spend time with my family and friends, exchanging presents, go for nice dinners, and most of all...SALES!!!

i love shopping, and i love shopping for guitar. i go crazy when there's CRAZY sales (i couldnt sleep when Sweelee had the 50% sale)

so...my point is...what guitar shops have sales? do davis have them? :lol:
Dashing thru the snow
In a one horsed open sleigh
all the hills we go
laughing all the way


Jingle bell jingle bell
Jingle all the way.

Haha. I'm reminded of Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare.

My Lit text. Revelry and merry making. (; I feel the pre-xmas period is the most exciting part. Lol. Shop here, rush here and there. (;

I wanna go xmas shopping which will probably suck my savings dry. =( But Christmas still rocks nonetheless!