WTS Upgraded Ibanez Gio 5 String Bass ($300/-)


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model name: GSR205
finish color: black

bass has been rerouted to a soapbar pickup configuration for higher output and added warmth plus clarity.

stock preamp has been upgraded to emg 2band preamp for that roar and might. worry no more abt being drowned by guitars, keyboard, vocals or drum while jamming. cut thru their mix like hot butter and effortlessly.

cosmetic wise: 8.5/10, bass has been ard for more than a decade but still in great condition.

working: 9/10 (might need a change of output jack and volume pot)

bass is strung with dunlop strings and setup beautifully with the perfect balance of height and tension. i added a ramp in between pup for that elevated finger feel. Ohh, machine head has been changed to Wilkinson's for confirmed stability

bass is in need of a new owner as ive daddy's responsibilities now. price is firm as d modifications cost me more than my selling price here. no bag included. 87498281 for pix and queries.
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