Want To Trade: My Corvette Standard 5 for Streamer LX 5


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i have been searching for a Warwick Streamer LX 5 in natural finish for a long long time. and im trying my luck here if there is any of the above mentioned bass owner would consider a trade for my current beau.

Serial Number: C 036926 97
Made In Germany
Date Of Production: March 1997
Neck Wood: Wenge
Fingerboard: Wenge
Body: Bubinga
Frets: Bronze Warwick Frets (90% life to go)
Nut: the old version Just A Nut Brass
Finish: Satin Burgundy Red Top Coating

Machine head: upgraded to Gotoh
Onboard Preamp: upgraded to EMG 2 band Eq
Controls: new 500k Vol pots, new Blend pot, Treble, Bass.
Strings: D'addario 45-130 Pro Steel, tuned to Drop A with beautiful setup and perfect intonation.

Bass has been routed a new hole for a dedicated eq control instead of the stock stacked bass/treble.

Also routed a battery box on the cavity cover. Just flip it up, change the 9v and close. No more messing with battery clips.

im only looking to trade with a German made Warwick Streamer LX 5. My bass is in immaculate condition despite being 25years old soon. No cracks or chips, just minor scratches and belt rashes. Im reachable at 87498281, Hit me up for any queries ��