WTS 97' German Warwick Corvette Standard 5 ($1700)


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selling away a very loved bass

Serial Number: C 036926 97
Made In Germany
Date Of Production: March 1997
Neck Wood: Wenge
Fingerboard: Wenge
Body: 2pc Solid Swamp Ash Wood
Frets: Bronze Warwick Frets (90% life to go)
Nut: the old version Just A Nut Brass
Finish: Satin Burgundy Red Top Coating

as seen from pix, bass is in near pristine condition despite being 24years old. Even the strap button is the flushed-in kind (will include the strap lock mechanism).

Strung with DR DDT Drop Tune stainless steel set and is in GCGCF tuning with low actions, zero fret buzz, and perfect string tension with some floppiness to fully bring out the warwick's legendary growl. Machine head has been upgraded to Gotoh for that supreme tuning stability. Brr Brr Deng all day err day i tell u.

Last serviced on 16/10/21 by Customwerkz, servicing done: frets polishing, frets leveling, fretboard conditioning included. Electronics are new 500k Hosco MIJ Pots for Volume and Tone, powered by new Orange Drop Cap and a new Hosco MI J250k Blend knob, new barrel jack and full gold shielding too. Simple electronics that really brings out the power of the MEC pickup and that signature prominent Warwick growl you can only get in a german made one.

will include a big bottle of beeswax (90% balance!) for your cleaning and maintenance purpose . I have an email from the CEO of Warwick on the production details of this beast aka the birthcert. Unfortunately ive only a softcase bag for it :(

This bass has given me so much joy, even by just playing it without an amp. Sadly i have to sell this off to settle urgent medical bills, otherwise i would have contentedly keep it in my arsenal and admire its beauty.

buy with ease of mind that the bass is not a counterfeit or a rockbass version. Growl and grow together as one!

87498281 for pix and queries