WTS: Taylor 610CE - rare RED color - 2000 Model


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For sale is a Taylor 610-CE in a rare red color (made at the Taylor factory in San Diego, CA) from the year 2000. I've had this guitar for about 5 years but will be returning back to the states soon and need to slowly sell my gear. The sound opened up fully - still retains the brightness but with a nice balanced fullness/woodyness behind it. Great for recording and performing... It looks and feels great.

I've taken care of it since the day I got it... made sure it's been safe from weather and such. Since I've played it so much, it does have some player's wear, but no damage or anything that affects the sound or playability. There are some nicks and marks near the pickguard from using a pick. It was hard to show from the pics.

- Solid Sitka Spruce Top, Solid Big Leaf Maple Back/Sides
- Equipped with the older, but [better] Fishman Prefix, not the Taylor Expression System
- The serial number says 20000225112... made in 2000, in Feb. 25th.
- Includes original hardshell case from Taylor

I haven't seen many Taylor 610ce's like this one, and you probably won't find another red one anytime soon. I have heard how rare and hard it is to buy Taylors in Singapore since they are very expensive... The new models probably retail in the US for over $2800 USD and probably much much more in Singapore.

Priced to sell, I am asking $2800 SGD... OR $2200 USD. I will ONLY be available to meet this coming weekend (April 11 - 14) since I will be visiting Singapore. I am currently living in Seoul, Korea and will be visiting Singapore.

the above link shows pictures of the exact guitar.

Please ask questions and send me some offers. My e-mail is letterstopaul@gmail.com

Thank you for looking!
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