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I am selling off my collection of 3 sets of drums.
This is one of 3.

1. Sonorlite Drum Shell Pack ($100)
Sonorlite series seems to be from the 80s. From what I read online, seems to be made from SCANDINAVIAN BIRCH. I bought it off someone else last time with the intention of refurbishing the drumset for use, however due to the lack of time, I never end up doing so.

What is being sold:
Bass drum 22x17
Tom4 14x12@
Tom3 13x11
Tom2 12x10
Tom1 10x9 (missing bottom hoop)
- Some hardware (somewhat faulty with missing parts) (refer to photo)

Condition of items:
As this is an old drumset, please do expect a lot of wear and tear marks, rusts, stickers on wrapper and some missing/faulty parts, which I don't have the time to make an exact list of it. There are no heads for the drum shells too.
This series is so old that you won't be able to use your standard square drum keys to turn your tuning rod. You will either need to use a sonor "minus" drum key, or use a screwdriver or a piece of flat metal.
Who is this suitable for?
If you like to collect drums, or have the intention to refurbish the drumset for use, or to repurpose the hardware or shells, this would be good for you.


Please note the following before contacting me:

1. Prices are negotiable, but please state the date & time that you can deal, because how early you can deal will also be considered together with your offer.

2. Like any other seller, I'm looking to let go to the buyer who can offer the highest and deal the soonest. So in this regard, I may not be able to reserve the item if your proposed deal date is much later in the future and a new potential buyer is keen on dealing earlier than yourself.

3. The location is at Ang Mo Kio. When I've accepted your offer and deal date&time, I'll let you know the details.

4. Due to my neighbour's low tolerance for noise, it is not possible for you to test the items (i.e. cannot play drums), you may only manually inspect them. Please inspect them to your satisfaction before accepting the items at my place because it won't make any sense to do any kind of refund due to the bulkiness of the items.

5. If you are able to buy all 3 sets at the total asking price of $450, I can throw in some additional stuff (such as cymbal mutes, etc..) for free when we meet to deal.

6. Please whatsapp / sms (only) @ 87402615
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