WTS: OEM Pickups and Licensed Floyd Rose Bridge


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Hey Guys! Letting a couple of stuffs. First is pickups I took out of my Yamaha RGX612,
the previous owner changed the stock neck single coil and bridge humbucker;

a) unknown brand neck single coil - Long Wires, condition is 8/10, still looks new. Going at $15 (neg).

unbranded singlecoil by rhythm, on Flickr

b) SQUIER Humbucker - in white. short wires just enough for the bridge position, condition is 7/10 with some rust. Going at $25.

SQUIER Humbucker 2 by rhythm, on Flickr

c) YAMAHA Stock Middle Rail Pickup - called "YGHR-A1B(AlnicoV)" in black. 4 conductor wire with enough length for all position, condition is 7/10 with some rust. Probably Yamaha's take on SD Hot Rails(?). Going at $30.

YGHR-A1B by rhythm, on Flickr

2nd Part is that I'm letting go a FR licensed bridge "speedloader" type, not sure who made it, black finish, condition is 6-7/10. See pics and you know what i mean. Letting go for $75(neg). Tremolo Arm included.

Bridge by rhythm, on Flickr

Interested please sms me at 90 27 33 42 or PM me. Deal at my convenience. Thanks for viewing!

1. unbranded singlecoil: $10
3. Squier Humbucker: $20

Going for $40 for all 3 pickups.

4. Licensed FR: $60

Everything going for $90