SOLD WTS: MI Audio Blues Pro (V2)

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This is version 2
2 pedals in 1! Overdrive plus a very musical fuzz!

Version 1 - without fuzz switch
Version 2 - with fuzz switch front facing, internal circuit more handmade/handwired
Version 3 - fuzz switch on top, circuit feels less handwired (you can google it)

A really good tubescreamer-ish overdrive. I chose this over a lovepedal eternity, Keeley SD1, Blackstone OD.
I have other more expensive ODs but i've kept this for a long time which says something ;)
Pairs very well with single coil
Has a real JRC 4558 opamp chip in a socket so you can also swap the chip

This video is quite old but the sound is spot on! You will get this sound with a basic home set up.

Asking $100, with box
Condition 9.5/10 really good condition!
Sms 9 seven 8 I 8 eight O o

Handwired quality with JRC 4558 op amp. Tight tolerance Metal film resistors for low noise, Electrolytic caps, very good soldering
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