WTS: Speck Electronics XTRAMIXcxi Version 5 Mixer


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For sale is a Speck Electronics XTRAMIXcxi Version 5 Mixer w/ 76 inputs from Pro Studio in excellent working condition, this unit allows level, pan, and effects for inputs Consider having 76 Modular mono devices available.
This is the XTRAMIXcxi version 5, the newer balanced version. It can also be used with unbalanced sources, it is a stellar sounding mixer.

When used as a rack mount recording mixer, the Xtramix provides 40 inputs (20 stereo inputs), 8 subgroup assign capability, and the ability to access total control for up to 8 stereo effects devices.
It comes complete with an external power supply, rack ears, and umbilical. A custom audiophile umbilical is available as well.

Each of the effects channels include an effects send master for its respective effects buss and associated effects sum input. The effects return includes a stereo effects return level, 8 subgroup assign, pan, solo in-place, and mono select switch. Each effects channel has a 1/4" TRS send jack, a 1/4" TRS effects sum in jack, and (2) balanced 1/4" TRS jacks for the left and right effects returns.
It’s a great recording and summing mixer. It’s very transparent with an analog sound, with lots of options in a relatively small rack space.

The master section includes 8 discrete subgroup level controls, a stereo program, stereo monitor, and stereo headphone controls. A stereo cue and stereo aux return allow a variety of signals to be mixed with the synth signals to the monitor and headphone outputs. The master section provides a full compliment of balanced 1/4" TRS input and output connectors that allow the Xtramix to adapt to a wide range of professional situations.
The master section provides the Xtramix with many choices for routing and controlling the line signals from the input section and effects devices from the effects section.

Channels include level control with 8 subgroup assign, a pan or balance control, 2 effects sends that are assignable to 8 effects busses, LED level indicators, and the ability to solo the signal. The rear panel for each input channel offers balanced 1/4" TRS connectors for synth or line interface, an effects stereo/mono select switch, and a low/high input level select switch for various impedance synths or Eurorack devices.
The mixer is divided into three basic sections. The input section, the effects send and return section, and the master section. Every input is immediately available for adjusting.

It may be used as a 70 input, 2 output compact keyboard mixer; or as a 56 input, 8 subgroup, 2 output keyboard mixer; or as a 40 synth or line input, 16 subgroup, 2 output mixer; or any combination of the above mentioned configurations.
A complete 8 x 2 monitor and mix section allows the input channels and effects channels to be mixed to the stereo program, monitor and headphone outputs.

More about the unit includes:
Twenty balanced stereo inputs may individually operate as mono input channels.
Input channels offer high and low operating levels.
Eight stereo effects returns with individual mono switching.
Eight assignable subgroups available for all input channels and effects returns.
Effects send outputs have summing points so that other mixers' aux outputs may be combined with the Xtramix sends.
The solo circuit for input channels, effects returns and monitor section can feed headphones only or both headphones and monitor output.
A separate tuner output follows the solo for quick isolation.

Asking Price:SGD$4500

For inquiries contact me via mail:
allsales at protonmail dot com

Thanks for looking.


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