FS: Whole bunch of boutique pedals


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Hi everyone,

It's that time again, to clear all the pedals I impulse bought over the last couple of years.

Before the full list, a few things please:

1) No trades at all, this is a cash-gathering effort! Also I'm saving for a Soldano. If you have a SLO-30 and want a lot of pedals, hit me up, otherwise no trades!
2) Pedals are all generally velcro-ed, in mint condition, with full box and manuals unless stated otherwise.
3) Definitely willing to negotiate for multiple purchases, buy your whole board here if you want!
4) Please message me for photos, more info etc.

Here goes:

1) Chase Bliss Audio/Cooper FX Generation Loss (limited to 1000) - $1300
2) Wren & Cuff Garbage Face J Mascis Signature Fuzz - $450
3) Eventide Rose Analog Delay - $330
4) Jackson Audio Asabi Mateus Asato Signature Distortion/Drive - $450
5) Quiet Theory Prelude Reverb and Delay (Shell Pink) - $450
6) Dr Scientist Atmosphere Reverb - $450
7) Dr Scientist The Elements Distortion/Drive (blue "forest" graphic) - $180
8) Dr Scientist Frazz Dazzler Fuzz (newest purple version) - $270
9) Earthquaker Devices Pyramids Flanger - $300
10) BJFe Bone Bender 1 Fuzz(handwired, green sparkle) - $500
11) Tym Guitars Big Mud Civil War - $200
12) Tym Guitars Tymexar Distortionator X - $200
13) Walrus Audio Kangra Fuzz/Filter- $220
14) Dwarfcraft Devices Eau Claire Thunder Gold Standard (limited edition of 65 with germanium NOS Fairchild 2n5133 transistors) - $450
15) Strymon Multiswitch Plus (BNIB) - $150
16) Electro-Harmonix 1973 Ram's Head Big Muff V2 (vintage, velcro-ed, good condition with original box) - $1000
17) Spaceman Effects Nebula Fuzz/Octave Blender ("Ruined" limited edition of 44) - $400

More to come as I unearth them!

Please drop me a text/WhatsApp at 9322641one if interested. Thanks for looking!
UPDATE: Frazz and Nebula SOLD. Atmosphere, Quiet Theory on hold.

Also, as promised, have more pedals to list for sale as follows, details in the original post:

18) Empress Reverb - $430
19) Earthquaker Devices Pyramids Flanger - $300
20) Cooper FX Outward v2 - $320
21) Tronographic Rusty Box (with local voltage power supply) - $300
22) Death by Audio Echo Master (with GodLyke Power-All) - $320
23) EHX Canyon Looper/Delay -$170
24) EHX 720 Looper $170
25) MXR Dookie Drive (with the Dookie artwork, not the unicorn) -$200
26) Crybaby Mini CBM95 - $100
27) Subdecay Super Spring Theory - $100 (bit of noise on the jacks, may need contact cleaner, priced accordingly)
28) Budda Budwah - $150
28) Blackbird Pedalboards Feather Board XLs (fawn tolex) - $50 each. I have two. Take both and I'll throw in a custom Studio Slips bag to contain them both.
UPDATE: Empress Reverb, Atmosphere, Quiet Theory, Ram’s Head Big Muff Pi sold!

Happy to cut deals, hit me up, people!
UPDATE: Blackbird pedalboards sold.

Adding one more item:

29) Jackson Audio Bloom v2 (Silver) - $350