FS: Massive boutique clearance


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It's that time again when I wonder what I'm doing with myself and all these pedals.

They all come in boxes and whatever a new one would come with unless specifically stated. Also all my pedals are well taken care of, okay?

Buy more and we can negotiate on prices.

Hit me up if you need more info or pictures of whatever.


1) Make Noise 0-Coast - comes with everything a new one does, just don't have the time - $540

2) OG "Ram's Head" Big Muff V2(1973) - in crazy good condition considering its age, might even have the original box somewhere - $950

3) Tym Big Mud Civil War - https://tymguitars.com.au/products/tym-civil-war-big-mud - $320

4) Tym Tymexar Distortionator X - https://tymguitars.com.au/products/tym-tymexar-distortionator-x - $250

5) EQD Data Corrupter - good shit, looks new - $230

6) Subdecay Super Spring Theory - velcro - $200

7) DAM Meathead M-13 (purple) - velcro - $340

8) OG MIJ DM-2 (with the black label) - velcro, not the waza one, sorry I have no idea where the box is, a little beat up but works perfectly - $270

9) BJFe Bone Bender 1 (green and gold sparkle) - think he only made a couple of these, who knows - $400

10) Blackout Crystal Dagger - what happened to these guys? - $200

11) Origin Cali76 Compact - greatest compressor ever. - $250

12) Dunlop Mini Crybaby - uh - $90

13) Dr Scientist ILF Day Delay #1 - this is a Dr Scientist Sunny Day Delay with extra footswitches to control oscillation and modulation - $300

I might do trades for an Komplete Kontrol MK2 49 or 61 key, Elements, Pyramids, Montreal Assembly or Infinite Jets but that's about it. May consider trading all for a proper good guitar or synth or whatever. SMS or WhatsApp me at 9322641one if you're interested. Thanks for looking!