SOLD WTS: Fender Sting Precision Bass Japan very cheap! (read for more information)

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Selling a Fender Sting Precision Bass in very good condition. no pain chips no dings. just a few scratches here and there.

Now here is the catch. This bass has a warped neck BUT the truss rod is unable to turn. That means you have to heat the neck. That would cost you about a good $100 at least at Guitar Connection but I figured that I'd just sell this cheap. maybe some don't mind the high action.

Electronics all working fine. no scratchy pots whatsoever.

Going for $600 SGD flat. Did not take pictures for this one but you can be sure that it's in good condition. Check eBay for price references.

No softcase for this one unfortunately. First come first serve.

Questions? Ask.

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