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Selling off the following set of drumskins for $20 (all)

What is being sold:
- Evans - 22" genera g2 - used
- Remo - 14" emperor clear - used
- Aquarian PF12 Performance II Clear - unused
- Aquarian CC12 Classic Clear - unsused
- Aquarian TC13 Single Ply coated - unused
- Aquarian CC14 Classic Clear - unused
- Aquarian CC13 Classic Clear - unused
- Aquarian PF14 Performance II Clear - unused

Condition of items:
All heads are usable for your drum sets.
Do note that the unused heads have been kept for a very long time; maybe about a decade.
If you need "mint" kind of new, then maybe you might not want these set of drum heads.


Price is not negotiable.
Deal at AMK MRT or at my place if you are buying other items I'm selling.

Like any other seller, I'm looking to let go to the buyer who can deal the soonest. So in this regard, I may not be able to reserve the item if your proposed deal date is much later in the future and a new potential buyer is keen on dealing earlier than yourself.

Whatsapp/SMS (only) at 87402615
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