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A. Bass drum pedal from Roland TD-1K
Condition: Working
This pedal is standalone, meaning there is no beater/pad.
Good for kids or simple bass drum rhythms.

Can work with other Roland/Yamaha drum modules.

B. Roland KD-8 (2 left...)
1) $40 (left one)
Condition: working

2) $10 (right one)
Condition: working, but due to the indentation of the rubber on the pad, when playing it, it may not be as responsive.

Can work with Yamaha drum modules. Either way, this can be a great bass drum practice pad even if you don't have an electronic drum module to hook it up to.

C. Roland FD-8 (2 left...)
$20 each

Condition: Faulty.
Not possible to keep time with Left Foot hi-hat pedal. Keeping hi-hat close might be difficult because the feeling of playing on the pedal is no longer like when it was new because the internal parts are probably worn out. It is possible to buy the internal actuator online and replace it so that it can work just as new. There are also cosmetic defects.


These hi-hat pedals are not compatible with Yamaha modules
Only with Roland, I think.


For your info:

A brand new FD-8 retails for $196
A brand new roland KD-9 (newer model) retails for $226


Please note the following before contacting me:

1. Prices are negotiable, but please state the date & time that you can deal, because how early you can deal will also be considered together with your offer, and also, how many you are buying.

2. Like any other seller, I'm looking to let go to the buyer who can offer the highest and deal the soonest. So in this regard, I may not be able to reserve the item if your proposed deal date is much later in the future and a new potential buyer is keen on dealing earlier than yourself.

3. The location is at Ang Mo Kio. When I've accepted your offer and deal date&time, I'll let you know the details.

4. There is no drumset set-up for you to test the pads in the context of a drum set.
I do not have a working Roland module for you to test the pads. However, I've prepared a Yamaha Dtxpress IV module which you can hook up to to test the pads during meet up.
*please note that yamaha module may not correctly represent the Roland pad rim sounds because they are wired slightly different from Yamaha drum pads, but atleast it can give you an indication that the pad internals are capable or producing a signal. Feel free to bring your own drum module if you want to test with that before proceeding with the purchase. Please ensure you're satisfied with the condition of the items during meetup before dealing.

5. Please whatsapp / sms me @ 87402615
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