SOLD WTS: Analogman Maxon OD9 (True vintage TS808 mod)

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WTS: Analogman Maxon OD9 (True vintage TS808 mod)

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The Maxon OD-9 introduced in the summer of '02, is a TS9 (looks exactly the same) with the correct JRC4558D chip, and it had a DPDT switch replacing the FET switching. This early OD-9 had "normal" bypass like an old 70s pedal but does not suck much tone when OFF. Since it is an exact TS9 circuit, we offer the same mods on the OD-9, either the CLASSIC or the SILVER mod, along with KWS option. In about 2004 they changed to a 4PDT true bypass micro switch and the new ones now do have true bypass under the stock switch rocker. This OD-9 should not be confused with the original 1984 Ibanez OD-9 which was not a tube screamer circuit (and very rare, I finally got one for my collection in 2007)

The TRUE VINTAGE mod is a fun mod, like putting original PAF's into a '59 reissue Les Paul (but a lot cheaper!!). To do this, we use a new Old Stock (NOS) actual early 1980s IC chip of the exact type used in an old TS-808. We ran out of the JRC4558D chip in early 2017 but we can use rare TL4558P chip. The TL4558P chip is a Texas Instruments chip, made in Japan as is the JRC chip. The TL could be a little clearer sounding but they are very similar. We also install a bunch of original style capacitors, replacing the cheap little capacitors that are now used. We can use a new JTC4558D chip, which sounds about the same as the old ones, at a discount.

The Maxon is made in the same factory that made the TS-808 pedals in the late 1970s and early 1980s and TS9 pedals until about 2002. We are not sure where the new TS808 and TS9 pedals are now made but they stopped saying MAXON in them in 2002. See our Tube Screamer history page for more info.

Asking $220
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