Selling TS808 35th anniversary limited version


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Selling TS808 35th anniversary limited version $230
Very slight cosmetic wear and in perfect working condition.
Hardly been used and has only been used at home.
I can be contacted at 94366387

"The Most Sought-after Tube Screamer
A painstaking re-creation of the 1979 "narrow box" Overdrive Pro TS808, the Ibanez TS808 35th Anniversary overdrive pedal uses the same JRC4558D chip as the original, giving you truckloads of authentic Tube Screamer tone. Built like a vintage MXR pedal, the 1979 TS808 had a removable bottom plate and no plastic battery cover. Also, the 1979 TS808's Level knob was labeled Balance, and its external power jack was next to its input jack. Nonetheless, the 1979 TS808 still gave you that unmistakable Tube Screamer overdrive that is part of so many legendary guitar players' signature sound. Since you can find a Tube Screamer in nearly every guitarist's rig here at Sweetwater, we're very enthusiastic about the Ibanez Overdrive Pro TS808 35th Anniversary overdrive pedal!" - Sweet Water

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