WTB: Fender MIM or MIJ Stratocaster


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Guys, I'm looking for the above in used condition. Why? I don't want to spend more than 1k on an American Strat, only to spend more money to mod it according to my liking. This way, I won't feel so guilty when I start swapping parts. However, I have a few preferences:

1) Must have a maple fretboard
2) Must come with a gigbag or case
3) Must come complete with tremolo bar
4) Does not have to be in stock condition, but must let me know what are the mods that have been done
5) Need not be cosmetically perfect. Scratches, buckle-rash, dings are all fine. But not to the point where there is an ugly deformity that threatens to affect playing, tone and longevity of the guitar

I have already tried a few guitars, and I'm just keeping my options open. Please do not offer me a new piece, and quote me a brand-new price. I might as well buy it brand new then. SMS me at 92980224 to make your offers. Thanks.

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