Would You Go For The Sembawang Music Festival, Jan 20 - 21?


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Hey all,
just thought i'd get your viewpoint on this. the tickets are expensive, the line-up's decent, and its the first ever campover.. attempting to mirror glastonbury or big day out with the day long festivals as well as sleepovers..

will this be a taste of things to come, are we as scensters ready to pay for music and entertainment, or is this too much too soon?
hi litford

i think there will be lots of people going for this gig. coz the organisers is working damm hard to get the words out. they seem to have the financial backing too.

btw, you are from www.leesonband.com ?
hey James,
yes, i play bass for leeson.. haha, just got back so i feel abit out of touch with the scene these days. i really hope people will turn up and prove to ourselves they we believe in singaporean made rock n' roll as well as events.

tickets are still somewhat pricey, but hey, if this takes off, its only a matter of time before the bigger bands start realising they have a great venue here in singapore as well! glastonbury didn't create a name for itself till tens of years later too![/list]
hahaha.. if they give out enough free tickets, we might just have a succesful show! *grin*

so will you guys be camping overnight?
anep: i tink litford meant dat since its a 2 day event, will people be staying all the way frm 1st day til the last day :)
heyyyyyy.. stay at your friend's place, then we can all bunk in there and have a party! (of sorts)

i don't know if im going to be camping over, but if it rains, it shure is going to suck.
litford said:
i don't know if im going to be camping over, but if it rains, it shure is going to suck.

wah shiok!! if rain, then . . . (i'll leave the imagination to u) :lol: