Which softwares do i need to compose eurodance/trance?

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Hi, Derek.

First of all, the style of techno you do would not influence the kind of software you'd use. For example, you could use a loop-based software such as the famous and user-friendly Acid Pro. The actual kind of music you produce would be highly reliant on the style of your samples. So, with Acid, you can be making Euro, nu-jazz or whatever style that you like. Apart from hardware quality, the only limiting factors would be the size and type of your sample collection - and largely, your imagination.

Even if you have a limited sample collection, you can do what I do - create your own samples - either by modifying current samples or recording sounds or instruments into your computer and turning them into your own unique chops (I like to call it 'making fresh sushi'!).

Electronic music is like airbrush art. You can do the normal airbrushy thing and people would point at it and say, 'What's so great about it, it's just airbrush work, not real art.' Or you can do what a famous Swiss Surrealist did. H.R. Giger's art is so profound, it doesn't appear to be airbrushed - more like oil or even photography! We can't all be geniuses, but I hope you get my point anyway.

Hope my info helps and don't hesitate to drop me a note should you need any other info.

Thanks alot.. but what kind of hardware do u use to compose electronic dance music? where can i get it ?
Groooove box


What are the groove boxes you have?
MC303, MC505 or MC909?
How much are you selling them?
Pls PM me. Thank you.

hi derek

do you play any musical instrument? how well do you play? I am asking so that we can recommend you 'suitable' software better.
If u r interested, u can try Reason and Sony Acid Pro.

If u r more into playing around with Samples, u can try Sony Acid Pro. The software have many samples n u can cut them out into pieces n playing around with it. It's quite easy to use it. If u r a beginner, u can try this.

But if u wan a better software, Reason is the one. Alot of well known artists use Reason to compose their music. There is alot of effects rack inside Reason where u can use to compose music, tons of dances loops to use n tons of many stuffs that u can imagine. U can even learn how to connect the cables from the mixers to the effect racks by using ur mouse n drag the cables.

There r many many more, so u can check them out too. All r gd, see which one u prefer.
try electribe


if you're talking about having something to help create or recreate dance tracks,

try korg electribe SX or MX.

software definitely helps, but it's just gonna sequence, eq and blahblah everything else.

i think.
Re: try electribe

And what else do you need that software can't provide.

I'm not slagging Korg - if you're performing live or a DJ, it's gonna be very helpful but if you are looking for flexibility, it's gotta to be software.
And now with controllers like this latest one from Behringer (BCD2000), it is even easier for DJs to use software live:


And creating tracks is much easier with software.
Re: try electribe

And what else do you need that software can't provide.

convenience. and quick ideas.

but still, it's subjective coz it's a matter of preference.
for me, if you're talking about recreating dance eurotracks, software doesn't give me as much convenience as compared to the electribe.

manipulating a sound(say you wana record a synth sound to warp in drastically within a bar) for eg, for me, is more taxing if i were to do it in the hardcore software way.

2cents still.
Cheez said:
And now with controllers like this latest one from Behringer (BCD2000), it is even easier for DJs to use software live:
Has anyone bought one of these yet? Can you give any feedback on the eaqsy of use? Can you plug in your iPod, miniDisc, microphone etc .