which recording sequencer (software)?


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i've been using Cubase LE all along, am thinking of changing.

i'll be getting a mac, so any comments on the other sequencers?
I've been using Logic for years. Too bad now Logic is only on the Mac. You get a lot of very good plug-ins. Learning curve may be slightly steep in the beginning, but once you get used to it, it is a very powerful tool.
PC: Cakewalk Sonar/Pro audio
Steinberg Cubase SX

Mac: Logic Pro 7
MOTU Digital Performer
Pro Tools

I think Cubase has a Mac version.

There some good articles on Sound on Sound website,
check www.sos.com . I remember reading some write up
on the above five sequencers.
Yes, Cubase has a Mac version.

Do note that both Logic and Cubase require the dreaded dongle - which will take up one USB port.
just like AutoCAD software, you need a hardware lock on your computer
to run your software.

this is to stop multiple usage at one time and of course piracy.

but can they stop all ???
all these technie terminology gives so much headache,
we musicians should worry about music, not IT ???
You should be able to crossgrade your platform to Mac + upgrade at the same time for your Cubase.

Sequencers are a funny thing. Personal preferences are more subjective than keyboards! I really love Logic and cannot imagine switching over to any other even though my Logic for PC is no longer supported and is stuck at version 5.5.

But if I were to ever switch to Mac, I'll get Logic without even blinking my eye. And I will wait for the update to support intel based Macs. It's worth the wait. The plug-ins that comes with Logic itself is worth purchasing it. If you have lots of outboard gears (modules etc) that needs lots of midi control, Logic Environment pallete lets you connect them beautifully by connecting virtual cables. Great for complex midi that uses lots of tracks (and I use at least 30 midi tracks most of the time).

Again, this is a very biased opinion, although I did use Cakewalk Pro once upon a time. However, you may want to stick to Cubase since you are probably very used to it by now.
most PC users use Cubase and the learning curve fast.

I've seen lots of Mac users use either Logic or Pro Tools.

that's my observation.

it's now Cubase, Pro Tools or Logic.

Logic has waiting time. Pro Tools, not sure if it's compatible with the new intel based Mac. Cubase, price...

any idea where are the places they carry them?
Logic Pro 7 is VERY expensive (almost S$2000 I believe). Logic Express 7 is probably sufficient, and not cheap either (S$588). But you also pay for 37 very good plug-ins + 18 VSTis + 1000 loops. Also has mp3 and AAC export and import (mp3 exports are not available in all versions of Cubase and Sonar - may need to pay extra to activate the converter). Can get from Apple shops.

If you're used to Cubase and already own Cubase LE, it will be cheaper to get a crossgrade + upgrade. Furthermore, you're already used to the software, so zero learning curve.
i wouldn't be able to afford logic pro even if i sold my backside (sigh)

am thinking of either 4D, TOTO or Maudio Mpowered pro tools.
I using

1) Pro Tools TDM on G5 and LE 7 on PC
2) Adobe Auditions 1.5 on PC
3) Garage Band on G5
4) Sony Acid Pro 5.0 PC
5) Reasons 2.5 G5 and PC

You can rewired Pro Tools with Acid Pro and Reasons. Quite good and efficient to get things done fast.
adobe audition...they use it for streaming or podcasting?
have heard pple using cool edit pro (predecessor)

another question, any idea where can i purchase steinberg cubase sx 3?
Adobe Audition is a recording and mixing software just like Pro Tools but its only software based and is cheaper. And also it has more functions than Pro Tools like Vocal Cut etc...