which do you prefer?ts7,ts808,ts9,ts9dx

ts7,ts808,ts9,ts9dx or modded ones?

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that's a huge price range you're looking at. From the cheapest stock Tubescreamer to the most expensive boutique mods. They all have their individual quirks so you might wanna like narrow down the range.
finrod said:
just wanna know which is considered better among most people. money can save :lol:

it's difficult to narrow down a 'better' tubescreamer as they all sound very similar (i own all models). only those familiar with these pedals can differentiate the tone due to a certain characteristic definition/ warmth.

the most value-for-$$ model will be the TS7 as it features a 'HOT' switch to further engage more drive, very similar to what the TS9DX can do but without sporting a higher price tag.
the TS7 is a very affordable unit. List: $100