which brand of drums with these setup


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A question here, is there any brand of drums coming along with these setup? and also what's the price?

bass 18x22
snare 5-1/2x14 or 6-1/2x14
toms 11x14, (with another any-sized tom)
floor tom 16x16

all help would be greatly appreciated. thanks! :D :D
none of the brand's beginner level kits come with 14" and 16" toms together as far as i know

i think swee lee sells the Pearl sessions and masters with that config.
rimshot: i do have 14" and 16" together ^ ^ i got a 7 pieces lazer kit wit 10", 12", 13", 14" and 16" toms ^ ^

there are .... :D

hi there,

if i am nt wrong.. the gretsch kit do come in tat size. do check out at ranking. cheaper than others.
i'm thinking of the pearl radical, but izit good? which one should i? pearl radical, tama, or peace?

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