Wheres the metal?


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I bought a behringer ultra-metal pedal yesterday and it nwas working fine until my battery died (it was an old one anyway) so ibought a new one today and now I cant get the distortion to work :(

Now when the pedal is off, and its clean, it plays fine..when I switch the pedal on to dist. there is no sound. I've tried different leads, fiddled around with the pedal/amp settings and I just dont know what to do!

the battery led is bright, so i dont think its the battery doing it. it was working fine yesterday now it just cuts out all sound if i turn on dist. I havent dropped it or kicked it or knocked it around either. its still in great condition

Any ideas?
To summarise, i think you've tried everything there is to try, except opening up the pedal (which is not recommended unless you know you're nifty with electronics)

1) LED works but no sound
2) there's sound when pedal is off
3) tried different leads
4) tried diff amp/pedal settings

think u'd better bring it back to the shop to get it exchanged dude...
damnit, thats 2 hours on the train for a day.

i'm not going to open it becuase i'll void my warrenty.

I just dont understand why it worked fine yesterday, now it doesnt.