where would u be going after the Os??


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haha well since we'll all one big family.. just wondering where would u be going after the Os? anyone?? :D :D :D
hmm.. if you are talking about schools.. Hopefully i can get into business logistic, mass comm or lets say music and audio tech. Been thinking about tp's hospitality/tourism.. Hmm but seriously.. my own interest are really arts and music.. sigh.. but you know the "future" and my parents prefer me gettin into a business or hospitalitily course. :(
woo i have friends from cjc and innova.. both coucillors.. erm claudio from cjc and zhimin from innova.
my church friends at innova and some other guys started a jamming club there so its like a cca you can jam every week. the only reason why i dont wanna go innova cause i have affliation to cjc and innova will have a lot of bengs and lians (i don't like them)
hahaha.. it would be better for you to go cjc since you have friends and there's this jammin club.. if it's a cca.. that would be the coolest
1) I'm gonna go dye my hair
2) I'm going to a friend's concert in school O.O
3) I'm going jamming heck I don't care I SO WANNA JAM

Anyone going NYJC for the 1st 3 months?
mellapong said:
i wanna go to sajc, but for first 3 months i can only go to either cjc or innova
i also wanna go cj for 1st 3 mths... affiliated? hey same!

any 1 have any friends from cj? hows it there?
eh Kaye i meant that the jamming club is in innova not cjc so i cant decide where to go.

MadWereWolfBoy hoho and you live in yishun too which school are you from? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..[/b]
ive heard alot of stuff happens when the lights go out..might wanna be careful and bring along some protection eh mate.. :twisted: never know whats gonna get you..
heh..just yesterday..a 17yr old girls foetus was delivered to my lab for disposal..shes in a jc..but which one i cant reveal..to think of how sick it is..is that she actually sent it in a milo tin..with a keychain of a sheep saying..ill always love u...like wtf...

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