where to go to replace pick ups for acoustic-electric


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I got this old Ovation CC68 that i bought second hand a few yrs back... It's not any collector's guitar but i've grown attached to it... (I tried the newer ovations and it just doesnt feel the same..)

anyway, the problem is the pickups died on me last month.. and i want to replace them.. except i have no idea how to..

Anyone has expert advice to give?

I won't mind paying a shop to do it, except I don't know which are the more reliable shops (value-for-money)...

And any suggestion for the replacement pickups?
(the original one is a passive)
I just installed a LR Baggs Element Active on my Seagull, it's pretty good, has volume control. A vast improvement over my previous soundhole pickup, and it the piezo quack is not that great. I would recommend it if you don't want to spend too much money, get it installed at Luther or Davis.

hrmm it'll be quite a hassle replacing the battery.. given that i don't have a latch... since my original pickups were passive..
The battery supposedly lasts 1000hours, and you can put it anywhere you like inside the guitar. Mine is near the truss rod adjustment, pretty easy to replace if the strings are out of the way.