Where to get this strap?


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Hi anyone a big fan of vai? Just wondering where to get this strap.

its like a "cloth" at the end, not rubber, then vai uses a strap lock and lock it... ive got the locks already but cant find those type of strap. cloth liked ones.

it will be best if anyone knows where to get it and how much is it.

oh btw, just wondering, what colour do u think goes well with a heritage cherryburst lespaul? lol.

wow thanks moo. lol how much is it any idea?

so the brand is dimarzio cliplock huh? hmmm got any colours which will go nice with a lespaul? lol.. heritage cherryburst to be exact. keke
They have a wide selection at Swee Lee, They cost about $38 - $58 depending on strap width and colour/design. I was also hunting for the same Vai strap, It costs $42 If I'm not wrong. Theres pure white, and cream.
Not sure, but as I've said, there are a variety of colours and patterns. So there are those which can fit your cherryburst LP better than what you originally had in mind! :smt023
urg realy mh. sweelee like very limited stuffs only..

are those straps hung on the "turning" thingy or like packed in a plastic like thingy.

i know there are a few dimarzio straploks but theres only white red and black if im not wrong.
it's Dimarzio's Cliplock strap, you're looking at. should be $38 @ Swee Lee. if they don't have it @ the bras basah showroom, they've not re-stocked it yet. i have the purple version, have not been using it since 5yrs ago...

thanks subversion. jsut wondering, u got other straps in mind to recommend?

best if it goes well with heritage cherryburst lol.
The Dimarzio Cliplocks are one of the best, if not THE best, straps around... Their straplock system is quiet and super secure. I mean, Vai prances around with it.
about the cliplock thing. does it really fit all guitars?

cause i noticed, my lespaul the metal thingy, to hook onto straps tt one, is like diff from some other guitars. some of them got screws on them. mmm
LP strap pin too small? Then use the cliplock in tandem with the Dunlop Ergo-lock. Selling at Davis for $3 a piece.
so the lock is not "built" in kind of thing la?

cause i got one planet waves... and it came together with the strap. very alike to the ergo thing
I'm not too sure about the construction of the cliplock. You might wanna ask Shredcow abt that.
the Dunlop ergo-lock is simply a small round piece of plastic which effectively closes around the hole on your strap, so it won't slip out of the strap pin if it gets too worn.
The Dimarzio Cliplock is an All in One package... comes with everything.

Its basically screwed onto your guitar. There are no metal on metal contacts so theres no noise when the strap is moved around.

For your LP, it will prob fit... the LP strap holes are done with smaller screws I believe. For Ibanez ppl, we have to put in a toothpick because the strap holes are larger than the Dimarzio cliplock screw.

But note... the Dimarzio Cliplock can't go very short... that's why I sold off my strap... it was just too long even fully tightened! Btw, I strap my guitar up to my chest. :)