Where to buy Yamaha XP80 electronic drum pad?


New member

I have a Yamaha DTX version 2.0 trigger module and I'm using it with TP80s rubber drum pads on my electronic set (I bought it as one set secondhand few years ago, I do not know if they are originally one set or did the seller put them together on his own).

I'm thinking of getting a XP80 drum pad for the snare as I read that it feels more similar to an actual snare (as compared to the TP80s).

If anyone has any experience on this, could you shed some light on the following questions that I have:
1) any problems with using the XP80 with the DTX version 2.0 trigger module?
2) where is the best place to buy this XP80 drum pad (just the drum pad, not the entire set)?

I'd appreciate any advise/reply, thank you for reading my post.