Where to do minus-one karaoke singing album?


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I remember there are such shops or studios that provide the service where you can record your singing with minus-one pop songs. I just can't recall or find it. Anyone has info to provide here? Thanks!
Any studios out there offering amateur walk-in recording packages?

Any shops out there offering a library of minus-one music where customers can walk-in, select songs, and record their singing?
If I'm not wrong theres one at Century Square in Tampines that provides such services.. Not sure abt the price and how wide the song selection list is...
It's called Discovery Studios and is located at the top floor of Century Square beside Storm

If I'm not wrong , the recording packages ranges from $30+ for the basic ones to about $100+ for additional services such as getting a qualified singer to train on your vocals before going for the final take....

I think it's best for you to go to the studio there itself and enquire about their services and pricing...
I am actually enquiring for a friend, so I have to pass him the details for him to follow up. Hope that I can get a contact number, so further discussion can be made with the shop owner. Thanks!
Thanks for all the responses. I've passed the info to my friend, and he feedbacked that the whole recording experience is very very good.

He had great praise for their professionalism. They helped him source for the minus one for the 2 songs and obtained the copyright as well. Also had 2 sound engineers to enhance his voice after the recording. Cost him quite a bit for the additional stuff but he was very very pleased with the service.

Just for your info, charges are:-
$70 for 2 songs
$20-30 to enhance his voice
$15 to specially design the CD cover (no charge if he takes the standard CD cover)
$20-30 for the copyright